Alpha11 Business Security helps to protect your Money on your Cash Register.

You would be informed, if is necessary to use the Videosystem today or not, so you safe time and money.





  • Oktoberfest Munich, Germany (Schottenhamel, Hofbräu)
  • World largest Beergarden (Kgl. Hirschgarten, Munich) with 8000 seating
  • Audi Sportpark, Bundesliga Arena in Ingolstadt
  • IKEA France (Pagingsolutions)
  • DHL (Pagingsolutions)
  • Deutsche Bank (Pagingsolutions)
  • Berliner Zoo (Videosurveillance in all Restaurants)
  • University of Düsseldorf, Heinrich Heine  (Videosurveillance)
  • University of Munich, Weihenstephan (Videosurveillance)
  • University of Karlsuhe (KIT) (Videosurveillance)
  • Stuttgart Zoo (Videosurveillance in all Restaurants)
  • Karlsruhe Zoo (Videosurveillance in all Restaurants)
  • Arvato Bertelsmann (Pagingsolutions)
  • Central Drugstore in Muniche (Videosurveillance)
  • B / S / H (Bosch-Siemens Home appliances Shop)
  • Helios Clinical (Pagingsolutions)
  • Red Cross Clinical, Kassel (Pagingsolutions)
  • Sutor Shoes (Videosurveillance)
  • Coffee Fellows Group (Videosurveillance)
  • InfaFilm (Videosurveillance)
  • Schiller Coffee Group (Videosurveillance)
  • Spatenhaus Munich (Videosurveillance)
  • Trellebourg/Vibracoustic Germany and Polska (Pagingsolutions)
  • Norma Logistic for Supermarket (Pagingsolutions)
  • Raiffeisen warehouse (Videosurveillance)
  • Fiege Logistics (Pagingsolutions)
  • ESSEX (Pagingsolutions)
  • Bakery Büsch (Pagingsolutions)
  • Bakery Brotmanufactur Schmidt, Munich (Videosurveillance)
  • Bakery Aumüller, Munich (Videosurveillance)
  • Bakery Ratschiller, Holzkirchen (Videosurveillance)
  • and many more (more then 900 Business Customers…)